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New Look - New Things is now under a subdomain - 8/9/15

It has been months since the site has been updated. I have been really busy with life and request. I do appreciate everyone that requests from me and the support I receive. I plan to add more premade items in the next month or so as I get things in real life settled. Tumblr premades will be back as well as some simple domain layout premades. As well as more vampirefreaks premade layouts.
I have thought about adding basic forum graphics as well to my custom lists and to my request forms. I am more than happy to make those type of graphics as well. Remember, if any of you have requests, feel free to send them in. They may take a week or so to be finished but they will be done as fast as I can.
Thanks again everyone. <3

Jenn - BB owner

New Host - Same Owner is now under a subdomain - 4/25/15

For anyone that is confused, this is the same person that owned for the past two years. I have moved to a new host therefore I no longer have my dot com domain name but I still have all of the same graphics and resources here as I did on my old domain.

So sorry to those of you that have been trying to reach me in the last few months. I will be back to doing regular requests asap!

Jenn - BB owner

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